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  1. mitch says:

    would you share your gerber files for the PIC32MX220 Development board
    its just what i need to start hacking my project


  2. Aleix says:


    I’m developing a project with “PIC32MX220 USB project demo code”, but the PC (windows vista) does not recognize my pic.

    What driver did you use? How do I apply?


  3. admin says:

    Hello, this USB project (for PIC32MX220) is based on HID driver, so Windows should recognize it. But there is another problem – USB library from Microchip is developed for PIC32MX3xx – PIC32MX7xx MCU’s. They differs from PIC32MX2xx in some registers so this my project runs only in “polling method”. For “interupt method” you should make some changes in USB library – please seach info about this problem in Microchip’s forums.
    However this posted project I tested on my demo board and PC with Windows 7 – it worked.
    Best Regards,

  4. Mathieu says:


    Thanks for your sample code.
    I was trying to enable the input change notification interrupt on a PIC32MX230 without success until I found your code example and discovered the culprit was simply the buggy pic32 library…

    Best regards.

  5. Maarten says:

    As I’m trying to get a PIC32MX220 to work I foud this blog. Interesting information! I do have one question about hte Change Notification function. In your example you only have one pin enabled for the CN function. I ‘d like to use more. Did you try to use the CNSTATx register? I ‘d like to know which pin caused the intterrupt. According to the datasheet I’d use this register. But when using the debugger none of the bits are set…

  6. admin says:

    Hello Maarten,
    I can’t answer your question exactly because I didn’t test CNSTATx register. Maybe you should after interupt first save value of the register to temp,e.g. temp = –°NSTATA, and then work with this temporal variable?

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